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We believe that communication fuels every organization. Feedback on employees, customers, and other stakeholders informs business strategy, highlights opportunities, and alerts you to problems. Communication connects your departments, people, and processes, making it possible for everyone to work interdependently on shared goals.


If it’s inefficient - or worse, nonexistent - the organization fails to perform at its potential. The problem is that many organizations don't have a way to collect, analyze, and store this critical feedback. Feedback that can transform a business.

We can solve that. Our integrated solution begins with a focus on feedback and communication.

Real-Time Feedback Platform

DevelapMe, our proprietary real-time feedback platform, collects, routes, and analyzes feedback on the people, business processes, and goals that matter most to your organization.

Strategic Analytics

Our strategic analytics transforms this feedback into a powerful, actionable story. What gaps need to be addressed? What factors contribute to your most complex issues? Where is innovation happening? How can employee performance improve? Which processes must become more efficient?

Change Management Consulting

Together, we'll develop and implement a plan for growth. We adopt a listen-first approach to change management consulting that generates buy-in and changes the behaviors that will lead to a lasting transformation.


Improving the patient experience

See more use cases that describe how organizations use our solution to transform their organizations

Lead Transformation 

A 1,000 physician healthcare practice improves staff communication to enhance the patient experience and reduce operational costs.

A large healthcare practice implemented DevelapMe to capture feedback related to the patient experience. They discovered process inefficiencies and behaviors that misaligned with practice objectives.

Using this feedback, the practice addressed larger, process-based inefficiencies, and realized gains in key operational performance areas like patient transport.

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