Our Values

Continuous Improvement

Every day we strive to make others, and ourselves, better performers.

Support Success

Our mission is to enable people and organizations to deliver incredible results.

Humanized Analytics

We believe in embracing a humanized mindset to make analytics more relatable and, most importantly, actionable.

Drive Performance

Real-time feedback and transparent goals leads to increased organizational performance.

Transforming Leadership

We drive organizational performance by transforming leadership through advanced data analytics.


Our Founders


The idea for DevelapMe started in 2012. At that time, the annual performance review was starting to crumble, workforces were becoming more accustomed to communicating electronically, and organizations were severely lacking meaningful human capital analytics. Embracing these mega trends, combined with the founders' own past experiences—one as a former human resources executive for a Fortune 500 company, one as a senior academic leader, and one as an analytics ninja—they sought to create something innovative yet simple, conceptual yet practical.

Combining all of these elements, the mission became clear: help others succeed and organizations thrive




Managing Partner


Chief Technology & Innovation Officer


Our Board


David Byerley

Managing Partner of Mary Knoll Partners, LLC, a capital advisory and investment firm specializing in middle-market service firms

Tim Connor

Former EVP and co-founder of Affiliated Computer Services, a full-range financial services firm

Brian Whiteside

Seasoned executive and entrepreneur with a focus on secured health information records

Lora Villarreal, PhD

Former EVP and Chief People Officer at Xerox Business Services, LLC

Mark Schlussel

Seasoned healthcare and legal executive, currently serving as CEO of Curus - a healthcare management concierge

Join our team to help people and organizations succeed

We love hiring people who are passionate about making positive change in the lives of others and the organizations that employ them. Who are you? You'll be a "learn-it-all" (not a "know-it-all") and will bring laser-focused attention to adding value to our clients, whether you're a programmer, in marketing, sales or operations. We love to have fun but also roll-up our sleeves. Sound like you might be a fit? 

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