Employees need to actively seek feedback to seize control of their professional development and further elevate workplace performance. In the video below from The Leadership Analytics Group - powered by DevelapMe, Cliff Tironi, Managing Partner, analyzes a real life case study to explain both the necessity and benefits of seeking feedba...

Be specific

Constructive, specific feedback generates the most dramatic performance improvement. Therefore, go a step beyond simply requesting feedback. Put some thought into what you’re trying to improve upon. To get started, examine your goals, and think about the skills necessary to achieve them. Even general guidelines will help the...

DevelapMe's Athena serves as a Virtual Coach dedicated to ensuring employees maximize the benefits of real-time feedback. Athena is comprised of a series of AI-based algorithms, all of which are parameter-specific. This simply means the algorithms can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. Athena’s algorithms constan...

In last week’s blog, DevelapMe explained how Temple University Health System (TUHS) flattened its hierarchical levels and promoted a culture of openness to maximize the flow of feedback. DevelapMe found strong evidence of significant performance improvement from TUHS employees resulting from real-time feedback. The three main insights g...

According to the Sentinel Event Alert (2013), “communication” is cited as a major root cause of reported sentinel events. A Sentinel Event is defined by The Joint Commission (TJC) as any unanticipated event in a healthcare setting resulting in death or serious physical or psychological injury to a patient or patients, not related to the...

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