Support productivity & improve employee morale during a challenging time.

We've customized our real-time feedback platform to offer a complimentary COVID-19 Work Impact analysis. We'll collect and analyze feedback to help you support productivity, address common challenges, and improve employee morale.

How it works

We can launch this tool and start collecting feedback within hours. All feedback provided through the platform remains private and proprietary to your organization.

We host a short introductory and training call with your key contact.

Your employees receive an email directing them to the COVID-19 data collection tool.

We collect feedback data from your employees.

Our team analyzes the feedback data collected to identify challenges and best practices.

You receive a consultative analytics report to help you support productivity & morale.

Learn More About DevelapMe's COVID-19 Work Impact Analysis

Quickly address blocks to productivity

Source new ideas and best practices

Understand common challenges 

Identify areas for future process improvement