Improve communication beyond what you imagined possible. 

Our real-time feedback platform sparks new ideas, reveals what causes your most complex problems, and encourages teams to improve.

We make it easy to capture, route, and analyze feedback that leads to transformation.

Captures the feedback that matters most to you, your team, and your organization.

Collect targeted feedback on processes, teams, individuals, and more.

Customize questions to address your specific goals.

Capture feedback from employees, vendors, customers, and other stakeholders.

Access the user-friendly platform through a mobile app or desktop interface.

Routes and escalates feedback to make efficient decisions.

Establish routing and reporting protocols based on who should access the data.

Escalate feedback based on priority, safety concerns, or other issues.

Receive timely data to facilitate decision-making.

Demonstrate responsiveness to key stakeholders.

Analyzes feedback to tell your organization's story.

Structure unstructured feedback data to understand your organization.

Classify, tag, and detect core themes.

Access real-time performance reports on what matters most.

Offer multi-level reporting to individuals, teams, managers, and executives.

Get a vertically-integrated, 360-degree view of your organization.

See what leads to results, and what doesn't.

Uses feedback to support organization priorities.

Thwart problems before they arise.

Identify new opportunities and better ways of doing business.


Understand how stakeholders view your critical priorities.


Supplement business decisions and build better use cases.

Engage your team with intelligent, machine-learning algorithms

Reduce the employee time to manage stakeholder engagement.

Solicit feedback automatically at critical points in a process.

Provides stakeholders with feedback-based suggestions and recommendations.

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