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The Human Capital Triangle

Emerging trends in performance appraisals, millennials and big data

Here Comes the iGen

Evolve perspectives and organizational culture to foster this new generation into the workforce

Seven Myths About Real-Time Feedback

Gain a deeper understanding about the realities of real-time feedback

How to Facilitate Change Management

Why embracing change, while difficult, sustains long-term organizational success 

Sales Coaching to Drive Performance

Sales coaching analytics allow leadership to x-ray the sales organization

How to Provide Actionable Real-Time Feedback

Guidelines to enhance your communication to increase the impact of your feedback



The Future of Leadership: The Digital Leader

Evolve perspectives and organizational culture to foster this new generation into the workforce

People Analytics and The Digital Leader

Evolve perspectives and organizational culture to foster this new generation into the workforce


Scholarly Research

The Journal of Education for Business

Measuring Real-Time Feedback

We developed three new valid and reliable scales in a pioneering effort that enables scholars to now statistically measure real-time feedback using a mobile application, DevelapMe. This is important because, as business becomes more complex and dynamic, organizations are trying to transform to less hierarchy and more networks of agile teams. Given this, there will be a need for more real-time feedback.

The Journal of Leadership Studies

Leading Growth through the Digital Leader

As Millennials, and next in line the iGen, begin to take over the workforce, they are bringing with them leadership trends that will shape the future of organizational leadership. Modern organizations must respond to an increased pace of the workplace, and the nature of executives’ tasks is increasingly complex. Trends such as real‐time feedback, agile networks of teams, advanced people analytics, micro‐learning, personalized learning, and artificial intelligence enable the digitally minded leader to shape the future of leadership.

The Journal of Education for Business

Using a Mobile Application to Test the Impact of Giving Feedback

The authors explored using a mobile application called DevelapMe for 278 business undergraduates in 54 teams to give real-time peer-based feedback during a 5-week group project. Two online surveys, Time 1 (T1) and Time 2 (T2), were administered. Results included finding three promising, new give-feedback scales: positive rating with comments, negative rating with comments, and negative/neutral rating without comments. Relationship conflict and task conflict were the outcomes. Relationship conflict significantly increased from T1 to T2. Only positive rating with comments had a significant relationship to T2 relational conflict and task conflict. Research exposing students to real-time feedback apps will prepare them for future work in teams.


Learning Videos

The Power of Feedback: Creating a Growth Feedback Culture

Temple University Health System: Revolutionizing Communication to Drive Performance

How DevelapMe Works; Hosted by CEO Tony Petrucci, PhD

Meet Athena: Your Organization's Virtual Coach

How to Leverage People Analytics: Sentiment Analysis

The Future of Leadership: Millennials

The Future of Leadership: Agile Networks of Teams

The Future of Leadership:
Real-Time Feedback

Rate the Rater: Fair and Balanced Feedback

Want to Advance Your Career? Start Using the F Word

Growth Culture vs. Performance Culture

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